Nepal's post-war culture of impunity

Article Date: 
1 Mar 2009

Thousands of people in Nepal were killed, tortured or caused to disappear during the 10-year civil conflict which ended in 2006. Even since then, human rights violations have continued.

The perpetrators have come from the Nepal Army, the Maoist former rebels who now lead the government and, recently, from ethnic-based militant factions.

Yet the United Nations missions in the country say no-one has been properly brought to justice for such crimes.

I travelled to the badly affected district of Dhading in central Nepal.

The dust flew as our four-wheel drive climbed a long, rough track, far above the valley.

On a slab of stone beneath a spreading tree I talked with Parshuram Koirala about the trauma which began for him and his family five years ago. His four children watched, one daughter with a loaded basket on her head.

Article Author: 
Charles Haviland
Article Source: 
BBC News