Bangladesh Mutiny: The Aftermath

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28 Feb 2009

In the aftermath of last Wednesday’s shocking Border Patrol (BDR) mutiny, Bangladeshi police, rescue teams and firefighters are faced with the grisly task of uncovering and burying the dead. Numbering around 70,000, the BDR’s main role is to secure Bangladesh’s long, porous borders with India and Myanmar. The truth of the situation still remains unclear, but so far, this is what we know: * The 33-hour standoff ended Thursday night * 72 officers are missing (link) * A total of 76 bodies have been found * 48 bodies were discovered buried in two graves that each measured about 20 feet by 10 * Bodies being unearthed in manholes, sewers and shallow mass graves show signs of being shot and badly mutilated with bayonets * PM Hasina promised amnesty on Thursday, but on Friday rescinded amnesty for killers. 200 BDR members have been arrested (link) * Maj. Gen. Shakil Ahmed, commander of the Bangladesh Rifles border force, and a woman that authorities believed was his wife are among the dead (link) * The government has ordered a 10-member committee to investigate the mutiny link

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Sepia Mutiny