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Feminism in the Air

I've been travelling in South Asia for the past week or so and have recently been discussing women's rights and situations with a female relative.  She was quite pessimistic about anything changing any time soon.  But she agreed that things have changed generation to generation and will continue to do so.

As such, I found this story about several girls (women?) taking it upon themselves to beat the %hit out of someone committing sexual assault on the plane quite good.  It's an Indigo Air flight from Bombay to Jaipur, if you're curious.

Bhutanese Government Tells UN It Is Committed To Women's Rights

The Gross National Happiness Commission is on the case...

United Nations (PTI): In the aftermath of its historic transition to a democratic constitutional monarchy, Bhutan on Friday informed the United Nations that the government was committed to not only improve the status of women, but also ensure that they have equal status in the society.

Arundhati Roy:We are neither with you nor with the terrorists

Two-part video of Arundhati Roy’s closing keynote at the Women’s Action Forum organized an evening of resistance at Karachi Press Club, on 8th May 2009.

Main points

1. Never Surrender our complications (Edit: in the main body...important to listen to whole speech...I did over simplify!...She said, do not oversimply what is complicated or make complicated what is simple).

2. Never pick and choose injustices

3. Never make that choice of either you are with us or with the terrorists

Pakistan: women's quest for entitlement

Article Date: 
9 Apr 2009

The emancipation of women is often linked to the progress of a society in transformation from a feudal society to a modern state. The story of women in the country that became Pakistan can indeed be told in such terms: as part of a struggle for advancement with education at its centre, and linked at critical moments to wider goals of national emancipation and social reform.

Article Author: 
Pippa Virdee
Article Source: 
Open Democracy
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