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SOS Sri Lanka using chemical weapons 4000 injured in 36 hours

SL Government doctors in the war zone have confirmed this.  People on Al Jazeera look grave and concerned.  They must know something we don't know.  It really sounds serious.

I am just putting the info for relatives for what it is worth....I don't know.

Area was quoted by Milliband as being smaller than central park to give people an idea.  With thousands of people trapped inside.


Detention Camps in Sri Lanka and "genocide"

So the question is asked by some of us, in desparation:  What if you had One day left to Stop Ethnic cleansing?

Well now there is the Channel 4 report with exclusive footage (by slipping camera past tight security) of those detention camps that the diaspora has been desperately trying to let the world know really exist.  They have been told "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" are terms that are "unhelpful" by those even in the Sri Lankan intelligensia.

UN council sees no need to punish Sri Lanka

Article Date: 
1 May 2009

U.N. Security Council members see no point withholding an IMF loan or taking other steps to punish Sri Lanka, the council's president said, the same day Sri Lanka's president rejected international calls for a ceasefire with rebels.

"I have not heard anyone suggesting that," Mexican Ambassador Claude Heller, president of the 15-nation council, told reporters on Thursday after an informal session on Sri Lanka.

Article Author: 
Jerry Norton, Dean Yates
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UN issues new Sri Lanka warning

Article Date: 
8 Apr 2009

The UN has issued a fresh appeal for a humanitarian pause or lull in the fighting in Sri Lanka to avoid a "bloodbath" on the beaches.

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