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The absurdity of war, mediated

By: on 26 Apr 2009

CNN-IBN just happens to be on my television. This is what I see on the chyron, interspersed with the occasional story, mostly full of b-reel footage of the SLA and unending lines of shell-shocked families marching to an uncertain future.

Read between these lines below and you will see the war and its political context in India, stripped of all complexity and boiled down to its essential absurdity:

. . .

Petition Against the IMF Loan to Sri Lanka

I signed this, but I'm not sure how I feel about it entirely. I think it's worth discussing - its framing is Tamil nationalist, but its demands are anti-militarisation and the use of external financial pressure on the Government of Sri Lanka and so would benefit more than just Tamil nationalists imo.  The preamble:

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