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Evidence of War crimes in Srebenica being repeated in Sri lanka?

Footage released by Journalists for Democracy in Sri lanka

Comparisons are being made of this footage of killings of Tamil men by Sri lankan armed forces to killings of Muslim men in Srebenica by the Serbian forces and similar war crimes documented else where.

Sri Lankan army deaths revealed

Article Date: 
22 May 2009

Mr Rajapaksa, brother of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, told the state-run Independent Television Network the final phase of the operation against the rebels had begun in August 2006.

"Since then the security forces, including the army, navy, the air force, police and the civil defence force, have lost 6,261 personnel killed and 29,551 wounded," Mr Rajapaksa said.

"We made huge sacrifices for this victory."

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Sri Lankan hospital shelled in Tamil no-fire zone

Article Date: 
9 Apr 2009

At least 20 people were killed and nearly 300 injured yesterday when a hospital in the last area of Sri Lanka held by the Tamil Tigers was shelled in what one doctor described as the worst day of bloodshed since the start of the military campaign.

The doctor, Thangamutha Sathiyamorthy, blamed the Sri Lankan army for firing shells that landed next to two health facilities in Putumattalan, on the northern end of the tiny strip of the Sri Lankan coastline where tens of thousands of civilians are trapped by the fighting. The military strenuously denied the allegation.

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Sri Lanka military sounds last warning to Tigers

Article Date: 
8 Apr 2009

Sri Lanka's military on Wednesday broadcast a final surrender offer to Tamil Tiger rebels surrounded in a tiny strip of coast, urging them drop their guns and free tens of thousands of civilians or be destroyed.

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Price of Sri Lanka's army expansion is paid in grief

Article Date: 
22 Feb 2009

But it's the rice- and coconut-growing areas such as Kuliyapitiya district with its 150,000 population that have paid the highest toll. The government's all-volunteer army has found fertile ground for recruiting in rural areas where job prospects are limited and the army offers adventure, a uniform and a decent paycheck of about $200 a month. "Join the winning side," says a nationwide radio advertisement.

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Los Angeles Times
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