sri lanka civil war

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Prabhakaran Dead

According to the Army, he was shot dead while trying to escape.

What is the difference between a civilian and terrorist in the subcontinent?

Now we know the civilian death toll in Sri lanka since Jan 2009 of over 7000 dead is bigger than wars this year in Iraq, Pakistan, Gaza and Afghanistan combined.  Will Pakistan outperform this feat?

According to Sri Lanka's Human Rights minister Mahinda Samarasinghe in a live press statement

Sri Lanka claims last rebel area taken

Article Date: 
16 May 2009

Sri Lankan government soldiers seized the last remaining coastal stretch under the control of Tamil Tiger rebels, the Ministry of Defense said Saturday, marking a possible end to a quarter-century-long fight in the island nation.

The seizure marks the total capture of coastline territory previously controlled by the rebels, the government said, after army divisions advanced from the north and south to link up.

Article Author: 
Iqbal Athas
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Red Cross worker killed in Sri Lanka shelling

Article Date: 
13 May 2009

"A 31-year-old local worker was killed this afternoon inside the conflict zone by shelling. His mother was also killed," ICRC spokeswoman Sarasi Wijeratne said. The ICRC is the only international aid agency working inside the war zone.

Wijeratne did not say who fired the shells.

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Doctor: Sri Lanka hospital shelled, 15 killed

Article Date: 
13 May 2009

The only hospital in Sri Lanka's war zone was shelled Wednesday for the second time in two days in an attack that killed at least 15 people, including a volunteer health worker, and wounded 40 others, a doctor at the facility said.

The military has denied firing heavy weapons in recent weeks as it pushes to finish off the Tamil Tiger rebels, though human rights groups and international officials say the government has continued artillery attacks.

Article Source: 
Associated Press

New satellite imagery contradicts Sri Lanka's claims: HRW

Article Date: 
13 May 2009

"Recent satellite photos and witness accounts show the brutal shelling of civilians in the conflict area goes on," said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

Article Source: 
Press Trust of India

Why don't we care about Sri Lanka?

Article Date: 
15 May 2009

When Israeli forces killed women and children in their assault on Gaza in January, there were was a public outcry in Britain, the liberal left and anti-Zionist movements staged protests, and Israeli writers too registered their public disgust.

But when allegations of civilians being killed in a so-called ‘no fire zone’ by the Sri Lankan army surfaced last month, the response of the world’s public was considerably more muted.

Article Author: 
Dean Nelson
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SOS Sri Lanka using chemical weapons 4000 injured in 36 hours

SL Government doctors in the war zone have confirmed this.  People on Al Jazeera look grave and concerned.  They must know something we don't know.  It really sounds serious.

I am just putting the info for relatives for what it is worth....I don't know.

Area was quoted by Milliband as being smaller than central park to give people an idea.  With thousands of people trapped inside.


Doctor claims government shelling has killed up to 1,000 civilians in Sri Lanka

Article Date: 
11 May 2009

Two days of heavy shelling of a supposed safe haven inside Sri Lanka’s war zone has killed at least 430 civilians — and possibly as many as 1,000 — a government doctor in the area said today.

The United Nations described the bombardment as a bloodbath, saying that it had killed more than 100 children, but stopped short of apportioning blame for what would be one of the worst atrocities of the war between the Government and the Tamil Tiger rebels.

Article Author: 
Jeremy Page, South Asia Correspondent
Article Source: 
Times Online

Detention Camps in Sri Lanka and "genocide"

So the question is asked by some of us, in desparation:  What if you had One day left to Stop Ethnic cleansing?

Well now there is the Channel 4 report with exclusive footage (by slipping camera past tight security) of those detention camps that the diaspora has been desperately trying to let the world know really exist.  They have been told "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" are terms that are "unhelpful" by those even in the Sri Lankan intelligensia.

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