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Shoe, meet Other Foot

Two British nationals were detained by security agencies at a five-star hotel near the Indira Gandhi International airport here after they were believed to be indulging in “suspicious” activities, the police said on Tuesday. The detention was made on Monday after officials of the Raddison Hotel in southwest Delhi’s Mahipalpur became suspicious about the activities of Stephen Hampston (46) and Steve Martin (55), who had checked in four days ago. “We detained them because of their suspicious activities,” Delhi Police Commissioner Y.S.

Series of Attacks Against Indian Students in Australia

Links via Fire Fly. She has posted about police inaction, official denial of racism, and the conditions international students are facing here.

No Pakistanis Or Dogs Allowed

Always nice to see that neocolonial racism hasn't totally lost its will to exist in the countries it once colonised.  A French restaurant in Islamabad had a sign up that said 'Foreigners Only.' 

If they had been smart, they would have just done what Delhi establishments do and allegedly what they did before and simply discriminate without making a sign to draw attention to it. 

This Week In Violent Racism (England Edition)

Riots in Birmingham between the English Defence League and people who don't like English fascism (h/t to Pickled Politics):

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