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End of a War: How Sri Lanka's terrorist Tamil Tigers brought about their own destruction

Article Date: 
19 May 2009

Rarely in the contemporary world has a domestic insurgency been as decisively crushed by military means as the Tamil Tiger rebels of Sri Lanka have been -- and arguably not in recent times has a reversal of fortunes been so dramatic. During a war that raged more than a quarter century, the Tigers, who claimed to represent a minority that makes up about a fifth of Sri Lanka's population, grew to control more than a third of the country and operated their own government, legal system, navy and air force.

Article Source: 
Washington Post

Tamil Tiger rebels confirm leader's death

Article Date: 
24 May 2009

The defeated Tamil Tiger rebels confirmed Sunday that their supreme leader was killed in the group's final battle against Sri Lankan troops.

Article Author: 
Arthur Max
Article Source: 
Associated Press

Prabhakaran's death and fall of LTTE lead to street celebrations in Sri Lanka

Article Date: 
18 May 2009

State television interrupted its regular programmes to announce the death. Just to make sure everyone knew, the government's information department sent a text message to mobile phones across the country confirming that he was killed along with his top deputies.

Soon after the announcement people set off firecrackers at street junctions in celebration, holding up traffic briefly while others shook hands with soldiers on sentry duty. In many towns there was dancing and singing in the streets, with crowds waving Sri Lanka's flag of a yellow lion holding a sword against a red background.

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Prabhakaran’s body cremated

Article Date: 
22 May 2009

The military yesterday said the body of LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran was cremated in Mullaitivu on Wednesday.

“His body was cremated in Mullaitivu and treated like the body of any other terrorist,” Military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara told the Daily Mirror yesterday.

The Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) Director General Lakshman Hulugalle confirmed the report saying: “His body was treated like that of any other terrorist and cremated. That is all we have been informed,” he said.

Article Source: 
Daily Mirror

Prabhakaran Dead

According to the Army, he was shot dead while trying to escape.

I am dying, Eelam, dying

Article Date: 
10 Apr 2009

New Delhi, April 11: Velupillai Prabhakaran is in an unpredictable mood these days. Sometimes when his gimlet eyes fix on those around him, he looks murderous.

Sometimes he looks like a broken man muttering under his breath, I am dying, Eelam, dying, as though he were in some Shakespearean melodrama. Those around him are wary of talking to him when Prabhakaran is having a conversation with himself. When they see a rage building up inside him, they keep out of the line of his sight.

Article Author: 
V Sudarshan
Article Source: 
Indian Express

Prabhakaran unwell, says Sri Lankan Govt

Article Date: 
8 Apr 2009

The LTTE's dreaded intelligence chief Pottu Amman has taken the overall command of the outfit amid the “fast deteriorating mental health condition” of its supremo V Prabhakaran who is hiding in the ‘no fire zone’ in Sri Lanka's north, the Defenc e Ministry said on Wednesday...

“Pottu Amman, the so-called intelligence leader of the LTTE, has now taken the overall command of the terror outfit” with Prabhakaran's mental health condition “fast deteriorating,” the ministry said in a statement.

Article Source: 
Hindu Business Line

CNN-IBN Interview with LTTE's Nadesan

Article Date: 
22 Mar 2009

Prabhakaran is alive and leading the war in Sri Lanka – the LTTE's political wing chief Nadesan tells CNN-IBN in an exclusive e-mail interview. He also says the LTTE doesn’t consider India its enemy.

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