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Pak: How did they triumph?

Article Date: 
21 Mar 2009

The movement for the restoration of the judiciary makes Pakistani civil society proud of its achievement. It is awesome how ordinary professionals struggled for two years to ensure that a civilian and military dictatorship did not obstruct the move for the independence of the judiciary.

Article Author: 
Ayesha Siddiqa

Senate polls today: 69 in the run for 19 seats

Article Date: 
4 Mar 2009

ISLAMABAD: The ruling Pakistan Peoples Party is all set to emerge as the single largest party in the Upper House with the completion of the crucial process of Senate elections today (Wednesday).

All the candidates from Sindh and Punjab (11 from each province), seven general seats from NWFP and one general seat from Islamabad have already been elected un-opposed as a result of a political understanding reached between various political parties.

Article Author: 
Iftikhar A. Khan
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