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Non Violent Communication Resource in Sri Lanka

NVC is something that I've been exposed to over the past year and become interested in learning more about.  Some of the practices involved are of enormous use, as is the underlying framework for thinking about people, which focuses on understanding your and others' needs in negotiating differences and/or conflicts.  I was excited to see that there is a resource in Sri Lanka and would be curious to know more about it if anyone knows or other efforts.

Nepal peace at risk as Maoists plan hiring fighters

Article Date: 
3 Mar 2009

A former Maoist rebel commander said on Tuesday the group plans to recruit thousands of fighters, a move seen as a blow to peace that underlined serious tensions between Nepal's army and the Maoists.

Nanda Kishore Pun, chief of the Maoist fighters, told Reuters it was the ex-rebel group's turn to fill vacancies in their ranks after Nepal's national army recruited 2,800 personnel last year.

The move could endanger a 2006 peace pact that ended a decades-long civil war and saw the Maoists joining the political process, winning an election last year, analysts said.

Article Author: 
Gopal Sharma
Article Source: 

India Can Help End Civilian Killings

Article Date: 
27 Feb 2009

As Sri Lanka’s armed forces battle the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in their last stronghold, the island country’s influential neighbour, India, is weighing diplomatic options to goad President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government to save civilians trapped in the war zone.

Article Author: 
Praful Bidwai
Article Source: 
Inter-Press Service
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