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The real Modi story

Article Date: 
21 Jan 2009

The sobering reality is that Gujarat had the lead in 1995 which it lost after the post-Godhra violence, and is trying to regain its erstwhile pre-eminent position. The fundamentals to attract investments—industrial peace, great infrastructure and ancillary industries—preceded Modi’s tenure. The Narmada dams were already under construction, workers polished diamonds in Palanpur, petrochemicals and cars were made in Vadodara, milk flowed from Anand, yarn churned out in Hazira and a refinery was being built in Jamnagar, much before Modi took office.

Article Author: 
Salil Tripathi
Article Source: 
Live Mint

He Said She Said, Media Says

The Times of India informs us that on the campaign trail, Narendra Modi said: "The Indian government submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that Lord Ram was never born."

What the Times doesn't tell us is whether or not the UPA government actually did such a thing. I don't know either, since the actual affidavit produced before the court doesn't seem to be available on the intertubes. But here's a hint, which doesn't sound much like saying that Lord Ram was never born:

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