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BJP for united fight against Maoists, slams Congress

Article Date: 
15 Apr 2010

The Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday called for "a united fight to defeat Maoists" but accused the Congress of forging an alliance with the Leftist guerrillas for electoral gains - an allegation that triggered ugly scenes and disruptions in the Lok Sabha.

BJP and Congress MPs were caught in an ugly row over the April 6 Dantewada massacre by Maoist rebels, prompting repeated adjournments of the house.

Indian Government Escalates Civil War Against Maoists

The Indian government is escalating its use of military, paramilitary, and informal forces against Maoists - which is tantamount to a civil war in my opinion.  There are 100,000 or more forces that are now going to be engaged.  For those who are unaware, there are large parts of the territory of India in places like Chattisgarh and many mining areas.  Al Jazeera's Inside Story brought together three academic/analytical experts to offer a very interesting and informative discussion and debate among several experts from a variety of standpoints on questions of vio

Political Shenanigans in Nepal Continue Apace

By: on 4 May 2009

If you've been following our news section on Nepal, you may have noted that Comrade Prachanda has resigned as the head of the Nepalese Government.  Prachanda is the head of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), also simply known as 'The Maoists' in the press- though I do believe there are other groups of Maoists operating in Nepal.  A facebook friend was kind enough to start a conversation about this on his/her status message and I thought I would continue in that vein here.  I am writing with the understanding that I&

Nepal’s Maoist Prime Minister Resigns

Article Date: 
4 May 2009

Nepal’s prime minister resigned on Monday amid a power struggle over his firing of the army chief, saying he was stepping down to salvage democracy in the country and the peace process that brought the Himalayan nation out of a bloody decade-long civil war.


Prachanda’s party entered into competitive politics after signing a peace deal in 2006, ending a decade-long Maoist rebellion. He became prime minister in August after four months of political wrangling; in May, the nation’s elected constituent assembly declared the nation a federal republic, ending 239 years of Hindu monarchy.

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