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The Kashmiri Intifada

A report on the recent killings and protests in the Kashmir Valley and their media coverage. I had visited the valley last year.

The images bring back memories of the first intifada (uprising) in Palestine in the late 1980s: Young protesters in jeans and bandanas hurling rocks at Indian troops, people blocking roads with burning tires to stop the Indian police, banners reading “Quit Kashmir”, ”Go India, Go Back”, “No India, No Pakistan, We Want Free Kashmir”. This is the atmosphere on the streets of the Kashmir valley in India this summer.


According to PTI, the Delhi police are now moving towards filing charges against the two British dudes who were detained under 'terrorism' suspicions.  The article states that the concern is that they were recording conversations between the pilot and air traffic control and this is, apparently, a violation of the Indian Telegraph Act.

The Hindu: India, Russia Tighten Defense, Energy, Trade ties

 Non-alignment continues in semi-peripheral form?  If someone knows more about India's external relations, I'd be grateful for some input.

Shoe, meet Other Foot

Two British nationals were detained by security agencies at a five-star hotel near the Indira Gandhi International airport here after they were believed to be indulging in “suspicious” activities, the police said on Tuesday. The detention was made on Monday after officials of the Raddison Hotel in southwest Delhi’s Mahipalpur became suspicious about the activities of Stephen Hampston (46) and Steve Martin (55), who had checked in four days ago. “We detained them because of their suspicious activities,” Delhi Police Commissioner Y.S.

Asian Age: Biodiversity shenanigans in India

 Rare medicinal plants on the verge of extinction and protected under the Wildlife Act continue to be exported with impunity...


Bollywood gay kiss coming! Director: "I am not afraid of anything"


I hope he's right about it passing the censors.  Either way, a great leap forward and, satisfyingly, a great reaction to obnoxiousness in other films ( I haven't seen Dostana but it's mentioned in the article).


Feminism in the Air

I've been travelling in South Asia for the past week or so and have recently been discussing women's rights and situations with a female relative.  She was quite pessimistic about anything changing any time soon.  But she agreed that things have changed generation to generation and will continue to do so.

As such, I found this story about several girls (women?) taking it upon themselves to beat the %hit out of someone committing sexual assault on the plane quite good.  It's an Indigo Air flight from Bombay to Jaipur, if you're curious.

Indian Election Rolls To Reject Binary Gender System

Woohoo!!!!  Now THIS is something worthwhil.e.  Voters in India now have an option besides "Male" and "Female."

Will wait for 'advanced' countries to catch on :) Stop India's Civil War Against Poor People

By: on 8 Nov 2009

This is a guestpost from Sanhati (, a collective of activists/academics who have been working in solidarity with peoples’ movements in India by providing information and analysis, took the initiative to bring together voices from around the world against the Government of India’s planned military offensive in Central India.

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