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Experts Urge US to Help Agriculture Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia

Article Date: 
26 Feb 2009

A group of specialists committed to foreign assistance is proposing a renewed U.S. commitment to agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The recommendations were presented Tuesday by the Chicago Council of Global Affairs.

The 13-member panel making the recommendations is co-chaired by Catherine Bertini, a Syracuse University professor and former head of the United Nations World Food Program. She says an increased commitment to food production in Africa and South Asia would help bring 270 million people out of poverty by 2020.

Article Author: 
Barry Wood
Article Source: 
Voice of America

Freed Detainee Arrives in Britain

Article Date: 
23 Feb 2009

A Guantánamo detainee at the center of a long standoff between the United States and Britain was freed and returned to Britain on Monday after almost seven years in American custody.

The detainee, Binyam Mohamed, was flown in a Gulfstream jet to the Northolt Royal Air Force Base in Northwest London, and by this evening had been released from detention.

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Article Source: 
New York Times

US admits Afghan civilian deaths

Article Date: 
22 Feb 2009

An investigation into a missile strike carried out by US-led forces in Afghanistan earlier this week has found that 13 civilians were among 16 people killed, the US military has said.

The military made the admission on Saturday, after originally saying that 15 opposition fighters had been killed in the strike in the Gozara district of Herat province.

Afghan officials insisted all along that six women and two children were among those killed.

Following Afghan outrage over the attack, US generals undertook an investigation, travelling to Gozara and talking to locals there.

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"World Bank: Bangladesh, Nepal And Bhutan Vulnerable To Next Global Economic Meltdown Effects"

Article Date: 
22 Feb 2009

At least three countries including Bangladesh in South Asia are vulnerable to the second round effects of the global economic slowdown, the World Bank (WB) has said.

The countries -Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan - have been mostly insulated from the first round effects of the financial crisis owing partly to sound macroeconomic management and the underdeveloped nature of the financial markets that are not exposed to international markets.

Article Author: 
Siddique Islam
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Many People Die in Boat Collision...Again

By: on 22 Feb 2009

A few years ago, when I used to do anti-sweatshop work focusing  at an American-union funded organisation, a sociologist confronted me about how we came up with our demands.  She asked something like why we focused on disclosing the locations of factories or a living wage in Bangladesh, rather than river boat safety, drawing attention to the failure to pay attention to the local. 

Open Thread: Neat Website

By: on 19 Dec 2008

Capitol Words takes the U.S. Congressional record and looks at the words in it.  For example, don't ever let anyone tell you again that Congress never talks about imperialism.  In the last 7 years, there have  been several days on which it was entered into the record almost 10 times!    Of course, there have  been several days on which the word report was entered into the record almost 10,000 times.

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