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Sri Lanka Defends Refugee Aid Program as Ban Visits

Article Date: 
22 May 2009

“Sri Lanka has provided a satisfactory service to the people of the north even before it was cleared of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,” Athula Kahandaliyanage, secretary to the Health Ministry, said in a statement. “Those who are ignorant of such efforts should at least try to see what is happening at ground level before making irresponsible statements.”

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Red Cross Barred From Sri Lankan Refugee Camp

Article Date: 
21 May 2009

"The restrictions have led to a temporary standstill in the distribution of aid to the camp," Zanarelli said. "The ICRC and other humanitarian aid agencies deplore this unacceptable situation, in particular because it is having a severe effect on the thousands of newly arrived displaced people who until very recently had to endure unimaginable hardship merely to survive in the conflict zone in the north-east."

Article Author: 
Emily Wax
Article Source: 
Washington Post

ICRC Halts Sri Lanka Operation

Article Date: 
20 May 2009

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) told Al Jazeera on Wednesday, a day after Sri Lanka's government declared victory over the Tamil Tigers, that "additional restrictions" meant it had no choice but to halt its activities...

"Since last weekend there have been additional restrictions imposed on aid organisations, including ICRC," Paul Castella, the head of the group's Sri Lanka operations, said.

"The authorities have said that because of security they had to restrict access to certain areas.

Article Source: 
Al Jazeera

Red Cross worker killed in Sri Lanka shelling

Article Date: 
13 May 2009

"A 31-year-old local worker was killed this afternoon inside the conflict zone by shelling. His mother was also killed," ICRC spokeswoman Sarasi Wijeratne said. The ICRC is the only international aid agency working inside the war zone.

Wijeratne did not say who fired the shells.

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