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Feminism in the Air

I've been travelling in South Asia for the past week or so and have recently been discussing women's rights and situations with a female relative.  She was quite pessimistic about anything changing any time soon.  But she agreed that things have changed generation to generation and will continue to do so.

As such, I found this story about several girls (women?) taking it upon themselves to beat the %hit out of someone committing sexual assault on the plane quite good.  It's an Indigo Air flight from Bombay to Jaipur, if you're curious.

Representation and Transnational Feminism

No need to hear your voice when I can talk about you better than you can speak about yourself. No need to hear your voice. Only tell me about your pain. I want to know your story. And then I will tell it back to you in a new way. Tell it back to you in such a way that it has become mine, my own. Re-writing you I write myself anew. I am still author, authority.

The Women's Crusade Without Women

By: on 21 Aug 2009

Nicholas Kristoff seems like a nice guy.  He has on-the-ground experience witnessing - albeit as a NYT journalist - some of the worst abuses that people- and particularly women- face in the poorer parts of the world.  He has brought attention to issues like trafficking, health, labour conditions, and poverty to a greater degree than most white male journalists working for a source as conservomainstream as the New York Times probably would have - and he has done it with a level of human detail that makes these issues moving, rather than eye-glazingly boring.

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