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People Made Of Straw (1): The Scientist

By: on 6 Aug 2009

As part of our ongoing mission of satire and self-satire and meta self-satire, I present to you, The Scientist, in his own words:

Hello. My name is Scientist. I can explain everything to you, including things beyond my field!

The State Department, the Media, and "Human Rights in South Asia"

By: on 26 Feb 2009

I. A few years ago, I was walking down the street near the East Village with some colleagues from various organizations when a woman came up to us and stopped us.  "Have you heard about Gujara?" she asked me.  She did this without saying hello, introducing herself, or saying her name--which all makes sense, because she was, in fact, a total stranger.  She just happened to want to talk to me about the emotionally loaded topic of the Hindutva pogroms in Gujarat without knowing me, where I come from, or what my views might be.

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