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Mutinous Bangladeshi Border Guards Agree to Surrender

Article Date: 
25 Feb 2009

Disgruntled border guards who went on a shooting spree against their superiors in the crowded Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka on Wednesday agreed to surrender after the government promised amnesty, officials said. At least five people were killed and more than 20 were injured, police said. The guards were apparently motivated by demands for higher pay and better living conditions.

Article Author: 
Emily Wax
Article Source: 
Washington Post

Governor Jindal Turns Down Stimulus Money For Unemployment Insurance

He fears that the money will run out in three years.

"We must be careful and thoughtful as we examine all the strings attached to the funding in this package. We cannot grow government in an unsustainable way."

Prudence -fair enough; but dear prudence, won't you open up your eyes?.  If you were going to be careful and thoughtful wouldn't you a) not decide to be the first of 50 people to turn something down b) not provide a transparent ideological response to it that makes very little sense?  Or to put it more succinctly: @#$@#%#@%@$#%. 

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