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Sri Lankan board offers amnesty to ICL players

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16 May 2009

Sri Lankan players who signed up to the unofficial Indian Cricket League (ICL) will be considered for international selection if they sever ties with the rebel organisation, the country's cricket board said.

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Stop the Bombs, Thambi's Bowling (The View From Victory Blvd)

By: on 26 Apr 2007

In South Asia, it seems, cricket can do what the tattered remains of a five year old ceasefire cannot.

But like Sri Lanka's now-defunct 2002 Ceasefire Agreement (CFA), without a consistent political process, it's a stop-gap measure. And as we should be well-aware by now, the island doesn't take too kindly to damming.

On Tuesday, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, otherwise known as Tamil Tigers) carried out a second air attack against a Sri Lankan military installation (Myliddy army camp) 3 km from the airport/base at Palaly, Jaffna, following last month's bombing of Katunayake military airport. The bombing at Katunayake, 16 km from the country's only International airport, was claimed to be a "preemptive" strike, and unprecedented in the ongoing conflict, although rumors persisted throughout the CFA period that the Tigers were building up these capabilities. Unsurprising, given that both parties to the agreement showed little commitment, saving face with donor countries and the international community in periodic talks while stockpiling arms in the meantime.

Despite the recent attack on Palaly, and daily military offensives between state forces, the LTTE, and the Karuna faction, AFP reports that there was a short respite for fighters on both sides:

Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels are to take a brief break from battle later Tuesday to watch the national cricket team play New Zealand in the World Cup semi-finals.

"There may not be any attacks tonight because we are also watching the match," Tiger spokesman Rasiah Ilanthiriyan told AFP by telephone from the rebel-held north of the island.

Tamil Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran is believed to be a cricket fan.

The comments came the morning after the Tigers staged an air strike against the military's main facility in the northern peninsula of Jaffna-- the latest violence in a bloody civil war. [Link]

Stop the war, the game is on?

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