bdr mutiny

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Dhaka rebels reveal plot to provoke Army, topple Govt

Article Date: 
1 Mar 2009

I'm not sure I buy this yet, but it's worth looking at, if only to be alarmed:

New Delhi: With the committee headed by Bangladesh Home Minister starting a probe into the gruesome revolt by Bangladesh Rifles, informed assumptions of a conspiracy behind the mutiny have begun to get credence with interrogation reports suggesting the hand of Sheikh Hasina’s political opponents.

Article Author: 
Pranab Dhal Samanta
Article Source: 
Indian Express

Bangladesh Mutiny: The Aftermath

Article Date: 
28 Feb 2009

In the aftermath of last Wednesday’s shocking Border Patrol (BDR) mutiny, Bangladeshi police, rescue teams and firefighters are faced with the grisly task of uncovering and burying the dead. Numbering around 70,000, the BDR’s main role is to secure Bangladesh’s long, porous borders with India and Myanmar.

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Sepia Mutiny
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