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Series of Attacks Against Indian Students in Australia

Links via Fire Fly. She has posted about police inaction, official denial of racism, and the conditions international students are facing here.

Australia's Indian Students Vow Action

Article Date: 
13 Jun 2009

Indian students in Australia have vowed to fight back against a series of callous attacks they have blamed on racists.

Furious demonstrators have rallied in Sydney and Melbourne, where dozens of assaults have been reported in the past year.

"People got stabbed in their houses, on train stations, on the street and there were petrol bombs thrown on people's cars," said Gautam Gupta, the founder of the Federation of Indian Students of Australia. He accused the authorities of being "too slow" to respond to the violence.

Article Author: 
Phil Mercer
Article Source: 
BBC News

Australia for political deal to end SLanka crisis

Article Date: 
20 Mar 2009

"Australia again calls on the Sri Lankan government to put forward credible political reforms to engage Tamils and other minorities without delay," [Australian Foreign Minister Stephen] Smith said.

"A political solution that meets the legitimate aspirations of all Sri Lankans is essential for the long-term security and prosperity of Sri Lanka."

The minister said arrangements must be put in place urgently to allow the safe passage of civilians from the shrinking war zone, where government forces are leading their biggest ever offensive against the Tigers.

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