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Stupid Things To Do: 1) Ban LGBT group from parade you're organising; 2) Leave your mobile numbers on the web

As Sepia Mutiny reported, FIA, the Federation of Indian Associations, has banned the local LGBT group (SALGA) from marching in the New York India Day parade.

Time To Set Gaza Free

By: on 9 Aug 2009

There is a an international solidarity march taking place in Gaza on New Years Day, 2010.  I believe it will be a big part of what sets Gaza free, and in the long run, maybe Israelis, Tamils, Sri Lankans and others.  Be like Chomsky and others: endorse the march here and sign up to join the march here.

Help Pakistan's Internally Displaced Refugees

By: on 27 May 2009

The Pakistan Army’s recent military incursion against the Taliban in the Malakand region has internally displaced about 1.8 million Pakistanis. The IDPs have fled to make-shift camps, some as far as Karachi, and are suffering from hunger-related health problems and mental trauma.

What If You Had One Day Left To Stop Mass Ethnic Cleansing? (Updated)

By: on 18 Apr 2009


The mass violence is scheduled to accelerate tomorrow.  This addendum to the post is a list of several steps you can take culled primarily from the comments. If you look in the comments and particularly kettilkili's comment, you can find some advice about framing your own work or other resources if you want to see what else has been done or plan your own steps.

1. Read up to date news from International Red Cross on civilians in the North East

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